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Top-up Double Bonus Cubacel in Cuba

Dear Cubans from all over the world,

As you are already used, Fonmoney cheers you up constantly with good news!

Are you excited to find out about the new Doble Saldo Promotion?  Well then, let’s start this!

Another month, another amazing offer from Fonmoney! Starting with 21st October until the 24th October you can load Cubacel mobile phones in Cuba and you will receive a double Bonus. You have again the possibility to sustain your family in Cuba from abroad. And it has never been easier! With Fonmoney you can top-up a phone in less than 1 minute, fast and without registration!

Take now your “Doble Saldo” and let your members of your family know that they DO matter for you, no matter where you are.

Pick Fonmoney and will get you closer to your home! Fast, easy and with 100% Bonus for your friends and family between the 21st and 24th October. (Cuba time)

Top Up Cubacel with Fonmoney – Now even cheaper!

Would you like to top-up a mobile phone in Cuba from abroad? Then you are exactly in the right place! With Fonmoney you can top-up Cubacel fast and easy from different parts of the world and all this at amazing prices.

By using our service, you have the opportunity to support your beloved ones in Cuba in just a few steps. Just try it out and you will see how fast we are and how easy you can top-up with Fonmoney. Recharge a Cubacel prepaid phone affordable, in less than 1 minute and of course, without registration!

Ready to start? Then click here and let’s enjoy this Cubacel top-up together. Discover the advantages of using Fonmoney while surprising your acquaintances with a Cubacel prepaid credit.

Top-up Cuba – Once again with double mobile credit: 28th til 31st of July

To all Cubans and Cuba-friends! Finally the double mobile credit period is starting again from the 28th of July 2014 until the 31st of July 2014 (GMT -3.00), just after Cuba’s national holiday! With the „Doble Saldo“ bonus promotion can be used to stay in touch and support your friends and family and even your loved ones. Here on Fonmoney you can top-up Cubacel with either SOFORT Banking, via credit card and even paysafecard. To stay on top of the „doble Saldo“ bonus promotion, like us on Facebook under You will never miss a bonus promotion for Cubacel again!

Doble Saldo 23. until 26. of June – Bonus Promotion

From today onwards until the 26th of June all recharges to Cuba are dobled!

Join us on Facebook If you top up a Cubacel mobile phone via Fonmoney you will receive a 100% bonus on top of your recharge. For instance if you top up 50 CUC the recipient will receive 100 CUC. There is no registration required on Fonmoney and you can top up Cubacel via paysafecard, credit card and direct banking and you can choose between Euros, English Pounds, Australian Dollars and Norwegian Krone. Top up a phone in Cuba now!


New Country - Croatia! Top up Vip, Tele2 and T-Hrvatski Telekom!

Recharge prepaid croatiaRecently Fonmoney has added a new country: Croatia. You can now top-up all three Mobile Network Operators (MNO) - Vip, Tele2 and T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-Mobile). The mobile airtime is delivered to the Croatian phone number via SMS as a voucher code (Bon), which has to be redeemed before the top-up can be used.

How to activate Croatian voucher codes for Vip, Tele2 and T-Hrvatski:

To activate the Bon you have to dial a prefix, including the code. The correct codes are found below. Replace the X with the voucher code.

Top-up Vip CroatiaVIP: dial *103*XXXXXXXXXXXXXX#


Top-up Tele2 CroatiaTele2: dial *131*XXXXXXXXXXXXX#


Top-up Hrvatski-TelekomT-Hrvatski: dial *123*XXXXXXXXXXXXXX# - Alternatively you can send a text message (SMS) including just the voucher code to 0220.

Recharge possibilities for Vip, Tele2 and T-Hrvatski

You can recharge Vip, Tele2 and T-Hrvatski with 50 kn, 100 kn or 200 kn. Finally you can recharge Croatian prepaid phones and you can pay via Paysafecard, credit card and even via bank transfer (Sofort Banking). As always you can pay for the top-up in British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR) and Australian Dollars (AUD). Try it out today and send mobile top-up to your friends and family in Croatia.

Fonmoney says Thank you Cubanos!

Join us on Facebook We are very glad that Fonmoney Cuba had such a fantastic start. We have won many new customers that have started to top up Cuban cell phones.  The double bonus promotion from the 1st until the 4th of April was a huge success and we are looking forward to our next double bonus promotion for Cubacel. Until then you can still top up Cubacel fast, safe and without registration. If you don’t want to miss out on our next Cubacel promotion you can always join us on Facebook and you will never miss another Cubacel promotion.

Cubacel Bonus Promotion – Get Double Top-up! Valid from the 1st April – 4th April

Join us on FacebookTop up a Cubacel number until the fourth of April and get double the airtime. Take advantage off this short offer today and send your friends and loved ones 20 or 30 CUC and they will get either 40 CUC or 60 CUC. Fonmoney is easy to use and you don’t have to register yourself to top up on the Fonmoney platform. You can send top up to your friends and family in cuba anonomisly. ou can send the top up and pay by credit card, SOFORT Banking or paysafecard. Send top up today and make somebody Happy in Cuba! How to top up Cubacel you can find out on our Cubacel site.

Fonmoney Is growing – Top-up Cubacel

Top up CubacelFonmoney is excited to announce that it has launched a new country! Fonmoney’s newest edition is Cuba with its sole mobile network operator Cubacel. Cubacel can be topped-up with 10 CUC, 20 CUC or 30 CUC. As usual, Cubacel can be topped up without registration in three short steps. The top up can be paid with paysafecard, Sofort Banking and by credit card. Also watch out for Cubacel double bonus offerings. During this bonus period, Cubacel gives ist customers 100 % on top of any top up made. For instance if you top-up 20 CUC you will get 40 CUC, that means you get 20 CUC on top of your recharge. To stay up to date when the next Cubacel double top-up bonus is coming, connect to our Facebook Cuba site. We are excited to help you send top up to your friends and family in Cuba.

Fonmoney is expanding its services to Moldova - Starting to deliver top up's to Orange Moldova and Moldcell

Top up Orange Moldova and Moldcell Fonmoney is proud to announce to have added a new country: Moldova. Moldova is Fonmoney's further edition to the list of eastern European countries. It is possible from now on to top up Orange Moldova prepaid phones and soon Moldcell will be online as well. You can top- up Orange Moldova with either 100 MDL, 200 MDL, 300 MDL and even 500 MDL. Top ups can be paid as usual with credit cards, Paysafecards and from a few countries with Sofort Banking. Try it out today and send some airtime to your friends and family member in Moldova.

Top-up Plus, Orange, T-Mobile, Heyah and Play Poland and Pay with Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Finally Fonmoney has added another currency that polish people can use to top up mobile credit of their friends and family in Poland or even their own prepaid phone. The top-up for Plus, Orange, T-Mobile, Heyah and Play can be paid via credit card and paysafecard from Norway. If you pay in NOK from your Norwegian bank account, you don't pay any extra fees to your bank and you don't have to convert the currency into Euros or Polish złoty.

Top-up and Pay with Norwegian Krone The great thing about topping up your polish prepaid card via Fonmoney is that you don't have to register. All you need is the phone number you want to top up and your payment details. So topping up your Polish SIM is very easy and now it has become even more convenient to send mobile top ups by paying in various currencies, including Norwegian Krone.

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